Wednesday, March 18, 2009

With Love from me to you… Get the hell out of the Country.

There is debate over 650 miles of fence line from California to Texas meant to control illegal immigration from Mexico.

  • Some say the fence only slows the influx of illegals, not stop it.
  • Some say, we need reform, as the fence is causing illegal aliens to take more risk, potentially costing them their lives.
  • Some say the fence does as it was designed...

So here is my two idiopinion cents.

For those who complain it has not stopped, can we please have a reality check? Border patrol already shows that areas along the fence line which used to have 300 illegal crossing a day are down to 10. Do we still have some folks getting across… sure. If you want something bad enough you will try even if it means getting past 3 layers of fencing. But let us not overlook progress. 300 down to 10 in 3 years. That’s progress!

If I was on a sinking ship with a huge hole, would I suspend sealing it as best as possible even if I could not prevent the slow leaks. YES I WOULD. That gives us more time to work on a permanent approach while trying to reduce and or control the epidemic flooding.

Reform? Yes, we need reform. But we do not need to just let the problem grow by exponential volume while we work toward reform. It is the difference between no action today for action tomorrow. I think we need to take certain action today to help us make better actions tomorrow.

Some folks are taking more risks and dying as a result? Why are we so concerned about what people will do, or what happens to them, when they are taking illegal action. Do we cry for the murderer who kills himself, or Madoff for stealing money… no we condemn them for breaking the law. You died trying to enter the country illegally? Sorry, maybe you should have stayed home and followed process (shitty as it may be).

I follow process. I follow the law, and I pay taxes. Why do illegal aliens deserve better treatment or leniency then I do.

I stress illegal by the way since I want it to be clear my argument is not about a specific ethnicity. If you are here legally, be it citizen or not, and are part of the system proper, pull up a chair and stay a while. I have no concern where you hailed from, where you come from, or where you are going. But if you are here illegally, then I have a boot to introduce to your ass.

I can barely afford healthcare for myself having paid into the system for decades, but I should worry about fair treatment for illegal aliens? If I break the law I get fined, go to jail, etc… Seems if you are a huge money losing company you get bailed out and if you are Illegal, you get amnesty.

Did someone forget the rest of us who ARE AMERICA!?

Side Note: Turn the border crossing into a game show like the Running Man, and use the proceeds to help fund making those fences electric.

When is a tax cut not a tax cut?

If you follow this Blog at all, you will know I was not, am not, and never will be a fan of McCain or legacy Bush league economics. I don’t just believe we need change, but 8 years of the same practically proves that anything would be better then “staying the course”

I was also a big supported of Obama during the election… but before the first 100 days is over, I am having a moment of pause regarding our 44th President.

I recall the famous line, “Read my lips, no new taxes” by a certain president who would later raise our taxes. So it should not be a surprise to anyone that what was said on the campaign trail does not often lead to actual policy.

I am also adult enough to know that things change in this country quickly. The needs and the nation shift often so what we said yesterday may not be as sound today as a strategy…
But all that said… there are some things happening now that shake my faith. I still want change… but some of these changes scare the crap out of me…

Obama calls for tax cuts for the middle class… This is good right? Less money being taken out of my check? A stimulus that delivers a little bonus each week (about enough to get a Happy Meal)..,

So maybe the stimulus is not so stimulating… but hey it’s not an increase right?

Well maybe not as far as some taxes are concerned, but the recent news of Obama supporting a plan to tax Health Care money provided by employers to their employees? How is this not a tax increase?

I am a simple Idiot so when I think of no tax increase, I see that as I do not have to pay higher taxes overall the I did last year based on my income which health care supplemented by my employer was not part of.

Now the 9000 I get towards my healthcare from my employer will be taxed… out of my pocket? Smells like an increase to me.

So is it any wonder when Billions are going to companies to bail them out, we the people are footed the bill, and in order to support new initiatives, we have to pay even more… that we the people are getting angry.

I am glad to have a job (for now anyway) and I want to help support those programs that help other taxpayers who have fallen on hard times but eventually we will be paying so much out of pocket we will have nothing left to help us help ourselves… and we become part of the system asking for bail outs…

Side Note: Soon as I get a bail out, I plan to give myself a bonus of 125 million dollars. Worked for AIG, why not DSF.