Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I want to live in Texas

I swore I would never utter those words. To me and my totally biased distorted views, Texas is the birth place of “W”, the cradle of gun toting hicks, and the place from hence all evil springs eternal in America… OK maybe not all evil, let us not forget about Alabama…

But when I heard that a Texas theatre was going to show a classic trek film (THE WRATH OF KHAN) but instead inserted the new Star Trek Film instead, and lucky Trek fans where able to get a sneak peak 1 month early, I thought about joining the LONE STAR state.

It seems Leonard “SPOCK” Nimoy helped make the switch to see crowd reaction to the film and reward some true TREK fans…

The thing that bothers me as a Trek fan myself, is that they held this in Texas. Trek fans are all over the world and the best we could do was Texas?

My favorite quote from one moviegoer, “My pants melted off!” Now I know to “double Khaki” myself when I see it in May. Thanks Jeb.

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