Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things that make me cry

This is a segment I call, “Things that make me cry” episode 1

I can easily admit that there are some things that make me cry. I consider myself a man’s man… I work with my hands, did construction, love technology, war, tits, and more…

But all that said there are still some things that make me cry. To better know me, let me help you understand the things that make an Idiot cry: Episode 1

War movies – You can take every sappy moment in every romantic comedy and never get a single tear from my eyes… but show me a half dozen men in the thick of battle, knowing they may never live to see another day, and look at each other knowing the can trust in their comrades, fueled by dignity and honor… and I weep. This is why I love war films. In the middle of some of the most inhumane circumstances, we find the best of human nature.

Special Picks: - Black Hawk Down or Saving Private Ryan.

Moments of Great Sacrifice – It may be watching a heroic rescue by firefighters (I cried for 6 days straight post 9/11, drank some tea, then cried some more) but actual and fictional acts of great heroism touch me deep inside. I think part of it is that I want to believe that I had the capacity to make such s strong self sacrifice for others, but also secretly hope I am never tested in that regard. My emotional attachment to such moments span from a a gun shooting where a young athlete found a small child alone and scared, covered him with his own body, and took a bullet to watching the Iron Giant fly into a atomic bomb to save the town below, smiling as he did it as it made him feel like superman...

Irony: Vin Diesel is in two of the movies I mention above…

Shit, now I’m crying again.

Before I short out my laptop, here are a couple more “Made me cry moments”

The end of Star Trek II

The entire 6 hours of the Star Wars prequel trilogy (nope, not in a good way, more of a raped my youth way)

Baseball movies like Field of Dreams and The Natural… Mostly because I never got to know how it felt to have a game of catch with my dad… and it looked really nice… or so I have heard… from guys who’s dads did that when they where young… I just got to pull weeds…

Next time… An Idiots guide to dealing with Daddy issues!

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