Monday, December 1, 2008

You cannot pee in a MR Coffee and get Tasters Choice

Well maybe now you can. IN a recent CNN article, a new Water Purification system is on its way to the International Space Station that will allow the station to reduce it’s need for external water resources (ie. Pierre brought by shuttle) by up to 66%.

How does this happen? Well since I am not a scientist I can only put it into simple idiot terms. The purifier which is about the size of 2 refrigerators actually pulls moisture out of the air (Sound like DUNE) as well as perspiration, water used for dishes, brushing teeth, and urine, and converts it to drinking water.

YUP. Pee becomes Spring Mountain!

A test of the system showed the water has a bit of an iodine taste but was in fact healthy enough to drink and will highly reduce water waste aboard the station. Looks like Kevin Costner was on to something in Waterworld.

I wonder if the Russian pee water will taste the same as US pee water. I know Coke tastes totally different there.

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Pike1019 said...

Your forgetting about the "Piss coming out of my ASSsss", alittle nutty with that well water smell, mmmm refreshing.