Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Economic Stimulus too late for some.

There is not happy spin to this. No funny or ironic catch phrase.

In LA, a man killed his 5 children, wife, and then himself, despondent after losing his job and unable to find work. In his suicide note he speaks how he has failed to support his family, and that his wife and himself felt that ending their lives, and that of their children, was better then the hole they found themselves in.

OK, so I think it was an over-reaction. Having two children myself I know I would do anything before harming them for any reason. I would swallow any pride I may have and sacrifice all I have to protect them so there are clearly some other issues this man and family were dealing with that led them to this tragic end…

But it does make me think just how low many American’s are during this economic crisis. It make me furious to hear about a 400 million dollar bonus program that one company gave to it’s employees (about 400 employees to be exact, or just over a million each). Why does this outrage me? Well, this is one of the companies that was “bailed” out from the Bush plan. So tax payer money just lined the pockets of 400 folks with 1 million dollars. Lined the pockets of the very folks, who based on records, where the very same folks that were at the center of the huge losses of said company and required the bail out in the first place.

So we reward absolute negligence and stupidity with a million dollars, and bring the common man to his knees where he feels (right or wrong) that death is better then a broken life.

For as far as we may think we have come electing Barack Obama, we have a long way to go America.

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