Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Learning a thing or two from the Peters.

If you have not read the previous post below, you may want to first.

I spoke about America needing a wake up call still following the tragic suicide/murder of a man, wife, and 5 children.

After writing it I saw an article about someone else going through a rough patch. A man, wife and 3 children who have put everything they own (not the kids) on Ebay to raise money to cover medical bills for their children.

A seemingly average couple and average family willing to do anything to help their children and willing to give away all they have to make good on paying their bills and protecting their children.

The bad news, their stuff has not sold since people feel bad about buying the possessions of a struggling family. The good news they have received more then 10 grand in donations helping them get through this time.

I think these recent bail out business’ could learn something from the “average” folks. When down, good people help other good people. When dealing with “real” adversity and hardship, we do come together. When this particular family received these donations… these little bail outs… did they go buy a new TV or reward themselves with a bonus, new car, or even new cloths… NOPE! They paid down their medical bills and made good on thier debts as best they could.

They are the Peters Family and they should make Corporate American fat cats feel ashamed… If I thought Corporate American fat cats had any feeling at all that is.

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