Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shave and a Haircut – 2 bits

A young man was sent home and ordered to remove a symbol of a star from his head (made via a clever haircut) because the 5 pointed star is considered a gang symbol. The young man, an A/B student was given the haircut for free by a local barber knowing the Mom could not afford it, and chose the design based on a “reach for the stars” theme the young man was affiliated with at school. (The image to left is not the actual image, I do not want GANG signs on my Blog!)

The haircut was altered so the boy could return to school.

The Boy was upset
The Mom was crushed… saying he should be able to wear what he wants and express himself.

That is where the story ended…. But it got me to thinking…

I am all about being able to wear what you want etc… but a see what the school means. Mommy may be upset her kid cannot wear a certain shirt or symbols, but I bet she would be even more upset if her A/B student got shot never having been part of a gang. It is sad we need to make compromise and sacrifice on how we express ourselves because someone else stupidly thinks it means something gang related.

On a side note, the Gang affiliated with the Star Symbol – The Shoot at the Stars Gang said they are pleased with the schools decision as the student is a major geek and would bring a bad rep to their symbol.

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