Thursday, September 18, 2008

EDITORIAL – Beware the wrath of the AMISH!

A while back I had a conversation with some friends. We are a mixed group of religions and ethnic backgrounds. The conversation started about a time I had a group of folks over and one guy who was “new” kept referring to everything as being “Jewed” this and “Jewed” that.

Anyway… I happen to come from a Jewish family and after about 3 hours I had enough and opened a can of fire on him. Not so much for what he was saying, but more for how much he said it, and not even using it in the right context most of the time. (If you are going to insult someone, at least do it right!)

This is not the end though. After the fact a bunch of us discussed that many of us say things that others may find offensive. Finally I said… anytime we are thinking of saying something about a group of people that is not politically correct lets replace the subject with the Amish instead.

“Dude, I totally Amished him down”
“That’s an Amish for you”
“Man, she drives like an Amish”

This way we could still get out that little bit of racism that lives in all of us, but not actually hurt anyone. I mean it’s not like the Amish would ever hear about it or care would they?

It seems that was short lived as an Amish community recently filed a lawsuit against the police for attacking their civil rights. Seems no buttons does not mean no lawyers. Sorry guys… No more Amish jokes.

Instead we will now replace the word Amish with Eskimo just to be safe.

Side note: In a sad twist, all the Amish plaintiffs in this case were late for court forcing the judge to dismiss the case. It seems thier rideshare (pictured above) was late picking them up.

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