Friday, September 12, 2008

EDITORIAL – Hey US! Get out of my back yard!

Or mow the grass... but make up your mind already.

During an interview Palin announced sanctiones against Russia may be necessary in wake of the Georgia incident and in support of both Georgia and the Ukraine becoming members of NATO. She was also quoted as saying that even though we would need to defend our NATO nations even if Russia opposes, we need to avoid another cold war with Russia…

Maybe we should just let them deal with their own shit for once. History and Wikipedia tell me that when our own country went through civil war other nations stayed the hell out of it. It is a very tricky game choosing sides in civil war and unrest. The US acting as police, preacher, and overseer of other nations is one of the factors that has left this country in the shape it is in now barely able to defend our own shores.

We seem to want to be the big brother and talk tough to other nations about how they conduct themselves or come barreling in with guns blazing if the country in question has oil; claiming WMDs even though other nations where intelligence shows very strong evidence of WMDs have not been invaded! Meanwhile we tip toe when acting on issues like the Sudan and Darfur where the Genocide death toll expands into the Millions! (WWII anyone… If we had acted sooner and stronger then I may have a family tree with a few more limbs on it)

I love my country. I will defend my country if needed… but sometimes I think we need to defend our country from itself… or at least it’s politicians…

I just get real pissy thinking we went to war with Iraq, gas prices are still going up, thousands of soldiers have been killed, and Osama Bin Laden is still prancing the rock faces of Pakistan and Afghanistan making crappy B videos.

Seriously… we can go the moon… we can build towers to the sky… but we can’t kill this fucker and clean some of this crazy shit up.

Shit or get off the Pot already Sammy!

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