Thursday, September 18, 2008

EDITORIAL - Train operators lasts text message: AHHHH! :(

I have always been against cell phone use in cars even before everyone and their dog had one. It’s funny to think that many states have laws against the use of Headphones while driving, but using a cell phone which uses your ears, hands, and even more thought process then just listening to music is still ok in some areas.

It has only become worse as texting, SMS, and more minutes means cell phone and data usage are at an all time high. 10 years ago I would yell at the a-hole on the tollway who was reading a book while driving. If I did that now I would be yelling at just about everyone else on the road.

Even the National Transportation Authority has rules that prohibit the use of cell phones at all for train engineers to try and avoid the recent tragedy where an Operator failed to yield to a red light on the track and then failed to try and slow down, allegedly because he was texting with 2 teenagers while driving the train leading to 25 deaths including his own.

Serious folks. Get off the fucking cell phones. DO you remember there was a time when you could go throughout your day without being on the phone? Is taking that call while driving worth your life… It sure as hell is not worth mine. Let the person leave a message. If they don’t… then who gives a shit. It must not have been that damned important.

Car fatality related to cell phone usage while driving has climbed 128% in the past 5 years but we keep on talking and driving… Just stay away from me on the road, or I will have something to say that won’t require a cell phone for you to hear.

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