Tuesday, September 9, 2008

OPINION - You are not in debt as bad as your Uncle.

I will say that I have some debt. Some serious debt by some standards. Between a mortgage, car payments, and credit cards I have some serious payments in my future for many moons to come.

Maybe that is why I felt better about myself and my spending problem when I saw our very own Uncle Sam is over 407 Billion in debt. I wonder if he gets those annoying phone calls from creditors. Maybe he switched to Capitol One’s No hassle card.
You wonder if a country so bad with ot's own finances can really bail our Fannie and Freddie. I say sell Alaska. That way someone else can drill there and sell us the oil... no wait... that's not what we want is it?

Side Note:
Paying back the minimum payment each month at 18% interest, Sammy will be out of debt by the year 3947.


Timothy M said...

You are talking about the current fiscal year. Which is over $400 billion. The total national debt is almost $10 trillion!!!!

$9,671,404,410,858.80 as of Sept 10, 2008.

When President Bush took office it was about $5.7 trillion.

So President Bush and the Republican congress pissed away about $4 trillion in less then 8 years.

I actually feel pretty good about my debt now!

Tambreet said...

Do not worry, that's only $30,000 in debt per U.S. resident.

But let's keep Alaska, that's one of the better states. Texas should be the first to go.