Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Editorial - Show us your chest China!

Normally I take a more serious tone with world events surrounded by tragedy. Especially when those events include children but would not come up with anything more clever for the title. Here’s the deal. So far 6 children have died from tainted formula with over 6000 effected in China.

While the title of the post may lead you to believe I am about to rant on about the higher need to use breast milk as “Natures” way to feed a baby… I have chosen not to go there. (But it is the better choice. Take it from a man who know it’s healthier, cheap, and makes a better latte then Formula.)

Instead let us focus on how this happened. It started when two farmers who provide fresh milk used to produce the formula tainted the supply back in January. Flash forward to today and the effects include kidney stones, renal failure.. and obviously death in some cases. The only good news is these rat-bastards have been caught and may face the death penalty for what they did.

I say they should be left in a room with the parents of the 6 dead babies families first… but that’s just me.

But I cannot stop there. In response to this crisis, the Chinese FDA equivilant has started to quality check the producers of formula with strict enforcement which only begs the question, “Why the hell were you not doing that before?”

This is not some impoverished community in Africa 2000 miles from the nearest hospital. It’s one of the wealthiest nations in the world…

It just seems to me if we spent a little more time on QA we would spend a little less time in CC (Crisis Control)

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Timothy M said...

Wow, there are so many ways to go with this, and I will preface this by saying that it is truly sad that parents have lost their children over this. I think a parents worst nightmare is that their children die before them.

I don't think the Chinese government gives a crap about anybody but themselves. This is not the 1st time that a Chinese company has said too hell with QA lets just use what we have regardless of whether it will kill somebody. The Chinese companies (and how many are run by the state) has a dismal record and the government does very little to stop them.

2004 - Baby Formula: 200 Chinese infants suffered malnutrition and 12 died from phony formula with no nutrients.

2007 - Pet Food: Over 4000 cats and dogs in the United States die from melamine tainted pet food from China.

2007 - Child Toys: Lead in the paint used on toys for children that were sold in the United States.

2008 - Baby Formula: Over 6000 babies are ill, over 1300 are hospitilized and 3 are dead from melamine contaminated formula.

After the 2004 baby formula incident you would have thought that the Chinese govenment would have implimented new and tougher testing, that is if they cared.

Chinese companies use sweatshops and lax or non-existant QA procedures to make the cheapest possible product. Making more money for the company and the government.