Tuesday, September 16, 2008

EDITORIAL - Sorry Kayak, I will not break my leg for you.

I enjoy some outdoor activities. I like a nice game of catch, volleyball, even the occasional dip in the local lake…

But there is not sport, hobby, or past time worth having to BREAK MY LEG in order to escape certain death.

I speak of a recent story about a Kayaker who broke his leg in two places after being pinned under a tree as the white waters began to rise over him…

Maybe not a very big deal until I did a bit of research and found that Kayaking is one dangerous sport. This is not a Sunday pontoon ride with Granny.

  • White waters can move extremely fast.

  • Undertows can literlly grab you and suck you under debree, rock faces, trees, etc… holding you like a Grizzly,

  • Deaths related to Kayaking are climbing as more folks get into the water without the experience or the proper safety gear…

I say let them go to their doom. If you play games with your life, eventually you lose… or have to BREAK YOUR OWN LEG to escape. Either way… I will stick to my X-Box.

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Timothy M said...

Kayaking is not for me either.

The people I see in a kayak sure look like they are top heavy and more prone to capsize.

The other thing that gets me is that if you do capsize you have to use the paddle under water to paddle yourself back upright.