Friday, September 12, 2008

Idiopinions Election 2008 Coverage!

Palin or Biden?
Obama or McCain?

The Idiots weigh in and help you decide what really matters this November:

Who makes you think of Hitler more? Winner: Sarah Palin.

Who do you want to see in a swimsuit?
1st place is Barrack Obama… trailed close by Biden.
Sorry Palin, the whole Hitler thing just ruined it for us…

Who looks best in front of the Flag?
Obama… but only after labor day.
McCain in the summer months.

Largest package?
Biden may think so…

But it’s actually Palin.

So in the end… The winner of the Panel of Idiots Election 2008 best candicate for president is…

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan!


Riot said...

I know I'd vote for him. I mean, c'mon. What opposing gov't entitiy could possibly stand up to him?

carmellas said...

Wow.. No girls on your panel and two topless men on one post...

Davey Bones said...

While there are no girls on the panel of idiots webpage, we do have lady members who I will be adding soon and one who already posts to the blog.

As far as topless men... I have no rebuttal.