Friday, September 26, 2008

EDITORIAL – Eat me raw!

So it seems with all the fad diets out there, yet another one has reared it’s ugly head. The “RAW” diet consists of eating only natural raw foods like veggies and nuts. You know, the stuff rabbits and squirells eat.

No meat, no processed foods, or in the case of the MC RIB no processed-meat food.

I will say as far as diets go, you gotta love a diet with so much joke potential. Between the using the word raw in a “raw” way and clips of NUTS AND BERRIES, this one kicks “South Beach Diet’s” ass hands down.

That’s all for now… I have a juicy rare steak on an open pit flame with some bacon and grilled onions waiting for me.

SIDE NOTE: Please be aware that although I refer to this as the diet of Bunnies and other small woodland animals, this diet will not produce a small bushy tail.


Timothy M said...

We have incisors (cutting teeth) and canines (tearing & shredding teeth) for a reason.

We are meant to eat meat with our cutting, tearing & shredding teeth (canines).

If we were not meant to eat meat then we would only only have cutting and grinding teeth and we would not have are canines.

Tambreet said...

If God didn't want us to eat meat, then why are animals so damn tasty?