Thursday, September 11, 2008

EDITORIAL – Remembering September 11th.

I was 25 years old and living with my wife in Illinois. I called in sick to work but was not really sick. My pager goes off non stop waking me up as I read about my company shutting down the internet due to an overflow of news events. Curious I get up and turn on the television.

It would be hours before I would move. The first plane had struck, and I watched moments later as another one hit tower 2. My jaw was open… my eyes teared… my heart filled with remorse and instant rage at whoever did this…

7 Years later as I see old footage or documentaries those emotions return to me. Just the site of the burning building make me cry. Maybe it was the terrible tragedy itself. The loss of lives, or the dedication of some true American Heroes in the Fire, Police, and various support organizations that gave their lives on that day.

Maybe I still cry because for my generation this was a world and life changing event. The years that have followed have shown how our world and this country have changed. Prior to September 11th 2001 would we have even thought something like the Patriot act would come to be?

I think of Episode III of Star Wars when the Chancellor looks out to the Senate and declares that the republic would now be the First Galactic Empire… as applause ensues one Senator remarks… so this is how freedom ends… with thunderous applause.

Mostly on this day, even as current and past political events may upset me I prefer instead think of those real Americans who gave their lives that day. The passengers of United 93, the average citizens who helped save lives, the friends family and children of those who did not return home. As I look upon the men and women who will be up for election this year I think to myself… if only those men and women who risk their lives for their country and fellow man had the money to run themselves… Now there would be someone I would want to vote for.

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Timothy M said...

We need to remember Sept 11, 2001 and the men and women who lost their lives.

We need to remember the acts of heroism and courage by the fire fighters, police, military and civilians at the World Trade, the Pentagon and on those on the airliners that were used as weapons including those on United Flight 93 who fought back.

If we had had done nothing to increase airport security, I would bet everything I have that following 9-11 there would NEVER be another American airline hijacking that resulted in the plane being used as a weapon.

There may be terrorist attacks targeting commercial airliners but no American airliner would EVER be taken over by a terrorist. If it ever happened I can see the passengers chanting "Remember 9-11" or "Remember United 93" and attacking the hijackers to regain control of the plane.

We should have issued each passenger on a plane, a knife so they could fight back. Instead we practically strip search everyone and limit the amounts of liquids they can carry on a plane.

The Bush administration used 9-11 to strip us of the rights and freedoms that made America great. The terrorist won ... they gave the Bush administration a reason and America was changed and not for the better.

See my rant: