Monday, September 8, 2008

REVIEW - Geekiest Tatoos Ever!!!!!

For the full slide show check out reader's geekiest tatoos. These were my 2 favorites.


Master Dave said...

I guess I can proceed now with my ultimate tatoo of the Periodic Table of Elements tatoo on my Ass.

Seems even smart (geek) folks can do some idiotic stuff too.

Tambreet said...

I could go on for pages of geek tattoos. And don't bother with that Periodic Table ass tattoo. Someone has already one-upped you with Pac-Man.
And here is my favorite: Awesome Tattoo

tambreet said...

I am trying out my different IDs, but I'll included a new geek tattoo in each comment.

Timothy M said...

I am surprised that a barcode was not pictured.

In the link I liked the one of "pi" and the "Ctrl - Alt - Del". I don't think that the one of a bassoon was geeky but was just plan weird.

NOTE: I played a bassoon in Jr High and High School (1 yr) but I do not have a tatoo.