Monday, September 8, 2008

OPINION – When particles collide.

Somewhere over between France and Switzerland the worlds largest particle collider is being built to allow scientists to recreate the events just following the big bang!

Some hope this will allow us to better understand how the universe was formed.
Others fear it may lead to the end of the world.
Catholics fear it may piss of God and Jesus since they have the patent on creating the Universe ironically numbered 1782-5. Not sure what is on record prior to that…

I have to say the idea of this is pretty cool, but I see myself siding with those who fear total Earth annihilation. We are talking about trying to recreate the BIG BANG here folks, an event that started off our entire universe. I think something’s are best left to science fiction until we can test them properly on Pluto. It’s not even a real planet anymore.

Best case: We create our own mini universe where the height challenged will have their own world to colonize at 1/3 scale.
Mediocre case: The area between France and Switzerland is sucked into a void and creates a black hole we can re-dub EuroDisney.
Worst Case: Aliens laugh at us on the most recent edition of the Fox channel hit, “When planets attack” staring the voice of Vin Diesel

Side note: CNN has a description of how the particle collider works. If the real device is as crappy as their Idiots explanation, we are all screwed!.


Tambreet said...

If you are afraid, there is a handy web site that will let you know if the world has been destroyed or not:

Timothy M said...

Unless they are going to do some special experiment on December 21, 2012, I am not too worried.